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Step 1 : Application 

In order to start the journey for a Goldentopia Golden Retriever you need to submit a puppy application or give us a call.   Once you submit your application we will set up a phone call to discuss pricing and our process. We will also have a brief a conversation where you tell us a bit about yourself and what you have in mind for your future pup! 

Step 2:  Decision

After we collectively determine you are a right for fit Goldentopia and vice versa You chose the litter of preference and sex of the puppy you desire. Goldentopia will inform you what number pick you are in the litter. 

*We reserve the right to deny anyone at any time if we feel that they’re not the right fit for one of our puppies.

Step 3: Submit a Reservation Fee 

Once you are approved, your next step will be to submit a NONREFUNDABLE reservation fee and sign our reservation fee agreement. Our reservation fee agreement can be found under Documents page. We prefer to accept payments through Venmo. If this does not work for you, we can discuss alternate options. Your reservation fee goes towards the final price of your puppy. Once you submit your reservation fee and agreement you will be added to our waitlist. 


Step 4: Wait 

Now comes the hardest part of all… WAITING! We try to keep our waitlist to a reasonable number to ensure everyone will receive a puppy. We occasionally will reopen our waitlist when we have the room! Although we may have a general idea of the litters that will be bred throughout the year, there are several things that we just can’t predict until a litter has arrived such as litter size, gender ratio, Those factors all play a part in which wait list families will be interested in a given litter. Keep in mind that each family has an idea of what they’re looking for in their future companion, just as you do. In the event that you decide to go with that current litter, and don’t find what you’re looking for, you will get back on the wait list in order of your reservation fee submit date.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: As the Breeder we reserve the right to first and second pick of every litter. We may not always choose to keep these spots and will move up people on the list and fill the other spots as necessary.

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